Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer 2016 is here!!

Hi guys!

Today is the day when summer officially starts for most of us - yay!

To celebrate me and my sister Juniper posed in Palm Tree Cove to create a welcome summer banner just for you all!

Here take a look:

If you wanna see it bigger just click on it. Also, I finally managed to stop by in the Hollow again just now and I took this cool picture of me:


I created myself a new outfit for this special day too! Do you like it? 


And how about you all? What plans do you have for this summer? Maybe you can go out on a beach or in a cool little village! It's all a matter of personal taste here - as for me I'm sticking to the beach in the Cove it's always sunny and the fireflies fly by here so I can help them with gathering light. Also the sky is very clear at night so I can stargaze and gather more information on the stars up there. 
I just know it's going to be awesome and I won't be alone - I made Dewdrop pinkie - promised me that she'd keep me company and deal with the water - I'm not a very big fan of huge waves splashing everywhere at night. 

Well, it's time for me to get going now - summer isn't summer without some proper lightning right? 

See you soon, lots of love and happy flapping! 


  1. Your outfits are so cute and summery! Reminds me of stepping up my game lol XD
    Also,for the summer i mostly plan to stay at my vacation house near the beach.I might also go to my friend's one,we are planning to stay there by ourselfes for a week XD .I'm also going to Peloponnese,to a small millage there to visit my grandma! It's a real jungle lol

    1. Oh nice - and is your friend by any chance that girl I met once - Fani was it? If so say hi lol bet she remembers your crazy neighbor/friend xD

    2. Also for real, I might go out of the country- that is if someone actually shows up ( that being my uncle lol ). If not I guess to another city within this country. I'll still have lots of fun tho ;)