Sunday, June 19, 2016

Back again for redecorating!

Hi guys!

Today my sisters let me take over to announce my arrival on this blog!

That's right, your favorite Garden Talent is here - Harmony!!

-screams  of joy in background -

Yeah, thanks hah!

Okay so, to prepare for my arrival my sisters and I made a new banner for this blog that has me included! We honestly hope that you guys like it as much as we do.

Also, I was on yesterday in the Hollow - and let me tell you it was another fun day in that crazy world.

Here take a look:



Also, my sister Juniper was on today as well. She told me that there was this crazy boy Boomer jumping all over people - he said he was just jamming. Anyways, according to her she had loads of fun and she asked me to share this with you from her end. 


Before I went for the blog though I asked her what Boomer was talking about up there in the picture and she told me she threatened to tie him up to a tree if he didn't stop jumping on her lap and after she did that he took some of the tree with him.

Yeah, looks like she had a lot of fun today for real. Anyways, its getting late and you probably wanna get outta here and do other things so I'm going as well, leaving you here and telling you good night and lots of love! 

See ya between Lilly Pedals! 

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  1. Harmony is sooo pretty!!! :o omg,she remings me of Cinderella and Rapunzel lol
    Also Bommer XD ahahah