Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Pixie Summer Hangout 2016 - An event on Worlize!

Hey there everyone!

It's Dewdrop here and I'm bringing you some major news!

I'm hosting an event over on Worlize for a few days only called The Pixie Summer Hangout 2016! R

Remember the Pixie Prom? Well, that's what got me inspired and I know I posted about throwing an event together with Crystal Airshine back in July but since she's kinda busy at the moment I'll start it off on my own and when she comes back she can join in to help me.

Till then, here's the link to this event and please when you get to Worlize create an account or use some of the social media available, if you have accounts there to connect to Worlize okay?

                                 ( this link banner  is also provided on this blog's homepage! )

Then, before going anywhere else check the Post Office - yeah it all starts in Havendish Square :P

This event doesn't have any special clothing requirements however If I plan some sort of an event within this Hangout then I'll let you know - by changing the Post Office notice. ( or by writing a new post here!)

For now you can use the dressing area I made to choose an avatar to participate with. Also another note - it doesn't have to be your Pixie Hollow fairy If you don't have one, but it does have to be a fairy or a pixie or something like that - in other words something magical. ( It can even be a My Little Pony avatar.)

I hope to see some of you there, and If I'm not on when you are it's okay you go on ahead and have fun even without a host. ( I will try to be on though)

I will usually turn on from 8 - 11 pm GMT + 1

In case I'm not don't wait up - have fun!

Hope you like this event and hope you can take part - also please spread the word I really want to see this work!

Thanks, and bye!


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