Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New story coming soon

Hey guys, Dewdrop here!

I'm taking the time away from the Hollow to catch up on my writing. I know that Amber left you with a story of how the old Hollow got destroyed and how she saved the day, so now I'm going to give you another piece of the puzzle!

This clue is actually story sneak - peak one! I just love teasing you all :P

Okay so here you go:

So what do you think this one could be about? Who's an archer? What will he/she do as one?

You can either try to answer these by being creative in the comments below or wait and see when the story gets published!

Till then, try and give it a go - you never know when you might be right!

Have fun guessing and stay around for another story sneak - peak!

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