Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back with major news!

Hey there all you pretty fairies and sparrows!

Did you miss me? :P

Yeah, I know you kinda did - hugs everyone -

Anyways, this post is going to consist of two parts. So, here we go, read away!

Part 1

As we all know FairyABC got some sweet updates, but they're about to be even sweeter. I have been talking to Wind a lot recently and I got interesting answers to some questions you've all had. 

- The first bit is about the hairstyles. There's a chance that the long wavy hairstyle will return when they put back the highlights - which is happening very very soon in a minor update.

- The second bit is -drum rolls- A new talent has been added! 

Frost talent is now available to select when making a fairy. Here - take a look: 

This is Jade  - now the Frost talents still have no home and you might notice when creating one that Silvermist is the mentor. That's because Periwinkle is probably not added yet. 

Also I heard that fast-flying talent might be added as well! 

Furthermore, about the update that's coming in September - its going to include two new stores one of which I can confirm is The Queen's Boutique. I don't know  which the other one is because even Wind himself couldn't remember at the time he was filling me in. But, that's okay we'll wait and see. 

In other news regarding FairyABC I have a hint of when the pets will return. According to Wind Muddle they're set to return sometime in October or November!

Get excited, go on...

Part 2

The other part of this REALLY long post is about the second story - the next part of the Hollow series. As you may recall the first part was Rise To Return ( If you haven't read it yet please do, click the tab with the name and it'll lead you to the page specially created for that story.). This part takes place in the newly rebuilt Pixie Hollow.

Just when you thought it was all over ... It's about to make comeback, which will be better than the first ever appearance.

That's my little intro to get you all pumped up for part two. Now the real surprise I have for you is a sneak peak of a part of the story. 

Note: You're going to hate me after this I know 😂

"It is said that he has been imprisoned by the Guardians outside of the Founders’ land but there would be one night when the stars would align perfectly to aid in his escape. That would be the night of the birth of new chosen ones to be Guardians of the land once again…” 

You're allowed to guess now, what the story might be about. Who escapes? What kind of Guardians are these? Why would this fairy/sparrowman want to escape, why has he been imprisoned? 

I leave it all to you and your imaginations right now. All I can tell you is that until the weekend I'll see to it that the story is finished and published in a separate tab, because again it is very VERY long ( I've already got nearly 10 pages! ). 

I'm leaving you with your imaginations now, and I hope to see guesses in the comments below soon!

Be happy and have a good morning/day/night!

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