Saturday, July 9, 2016

New blog page over on Wordpress!

Hey guys Amber here!

I came by to tell you something really exciting!

We have officially spread our blog over on Wordpress as well! It's still a work-in-progress blog but the stories have all been transferred and the first official post has been made. There's also a cool introduction page where my introduction is included.

We have all worked hard to make that blog look the way it does now and we'll keep improving this and that one as well.

Honestly, I really hope you like what you see and well - have fun there as well.

p.s. the main blog is still this one, all the content posted here will be copy - pasted there as well afterwards.

p.p.s A new update is coming aka a new tab - a Hollow gallery which is in building progress!

p.p.p.s - the link: The Pixie Diaries - Wordpress Edition

Fly with you tomorrow,

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