Monday, July 4, 2016

An announcement

Hey guys!

I just wanted to mention that me and the owner of - Crystal Airshine are planning to host an event like the Pixie Prom - only not exactly like it. We're still thinking of what it could be and we need ideas. If you think you could be a part of it, what would you like to see happen? Let me know and I'll let Crystal know.

For the record, this event may not happen, however If it does you'll all be notified from both my and Crystal's ends about when aka time. 

p.s. also this is supposed to take place on Worlize same as the pixie prom. 

p.p.s. we're thinking of having two time schedules so you could all attend and also we're trying to make it fit for us too so we can make an appearance as well :) 

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