Monday, January 30, 2017

Back with a post

Hey, guys long time no posting huh?

I'm not leaving you, no worries. I was just slightly occupied more than usual with my real life studies and I had exam weeks so finally now that that nightmare's over with I can relax and come back to this place with you all.

In all honesty, I was paying a visit to my blogs regularly to see if any of you had left a comment or a like - since Wordpress has that option and you have so I thank you for that.
Also, I noticed a lot of my fairy friends doing these New Year Resolution things....I'm scared to promise things that might not turn out to be later in the year but....I would like to at least give you hope of what you might expect on this blog.

So, let's begin shall we?

Resolution which I will try my best to keep to: 

- More regular posts on things not just when FairyABC updates happen ( how regular will depend on how much school & out-of-school activity work I've got )

- More memes and gifs in my posts - I started this trend last year and it made my posts a thousand times more entertaining so I'll surely keep this up.

- A new theme for every season as always. - I'll try to work on a pre-spring theme these days before school starts for me and I hope I'll make it.

- More stories! - I can't promise it'll happen soon but I'm working on Chapter 3 of "The Hidden Side of History" a book you've been looking forward to and I hope you'll love it. Also there's going to be short stories in 'The Pixie Book' every now and then so make sure you check ThePixieDiariesOfficial ( or @mtrainpanda) Wattpad for more!

- And last but not least, I'll keep being regular when it comes to game update notifications as per usual.

Next on my list is a thank you note to all of you readers, who despite me being on and off around here are still supportive of me and everything I do and I really do try believe me, to keep up the blogging between things and trust me I will never give it up. Ever.

Also, I mentioned in the resolutions bit and I am going to mention it again, check the Wattpad for stories every now and then there's going to be new stuff there soon and actually if you're a Miraculous Ladybug fan check it out right now because that storybook I made has been updated with not one but three new wattysodes - stories!

Hope you like them and I am glad to have spent a minute of this evening to talk to you all! 

Till next time, 

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