Monday, October 31, 2016

FairyABC - Halloween Party ~ Night 1

Hey everyone!

You really didn't think I was done for the day did you?

Nope, I wasn't. In fact, I was waiting for a special thing to get itself prepared for you to see.

Now, as you all know thanks to the FairyABC forum's admins - there was a two-night party/event going on at FairyABC this past weekend!

That's right, last Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to today's holiday for the US, UK and everyone else who celebrates it even if their country doesn't - Halloween!

Wind Muddle and his crew came up with a brilliant way to drop a little surprise for us during an event. The surprise was a small, but for us major update in the game - the adding of the Silly Sweets.

Now, in the upper left corner of the game screen right under the map symbol you'll see a cupcake button. ( In case you don't see it right away, just refresh the game and it'll show up.)
Click it and you'll get a list of all the Silly Sweets you currently have - they'll be displayed in a row one next to the other on the bottom half of the game screen. You'll see them, don't worry. When you eat any of them you get to shoot fireworks, become an ice cream or even a Snowman!

Back to the topic - the party....

It all started out with us hanging around at Havendish Square:

Then, we started using the Silly Sweets and well....Take a look for yourselves: 

By then, even more Fairies had arrived and joined us. All of their costumes were very creative and unique too! 

What went on afterwards was pretty much us being bored and waiting for the party to start while chatting and counting down the minutes till its beginning. 

Later on, it did start....And it was pixietastic!

This was taken while we were all gathering at the Ballroom - the main place for the party. I don't really know If the others moved in the Tearoom later on, because I wasn't around to see - I had to go sleep because in my timezone it was 2 am. 

Anyways, before I did leave......

Fawn made a surprise appearance and so did one other person you can notice wearing a Pixie Pals heart in this picture - our very own beloved creator ( and for some of us boss :p ) - Wind Muddle himself. Nora as you can notice was there too and so was Violet. 

It was amazing to see everyone gathered like this in such a huge number for one event. Imagine how many more might show up for future events like this! 

But, let us not stop the surprise drop-ins there now.

Another friendly face showed himself up for the first time ever in this remake - The Minister of Autumn! 

Of course he might not look as fancy as the original - but he was super nice to everyone and he complemented our masks and gave us Silly Sweets - 20 for each Fairy & Sparrow man! 

And....When we thought the surprise visits were actually over ...

Tinkerbell. I didn't notice she was even there until a fairy screamed in the chat 'Tink is here!' - then of course I had to fly around and spot her in the crowd - but it wasn't that hard nobody was disguised as her - luckily. 

And for real this time, that was about it from the famous fairy/sparrow man visits. 

Next, in this post I'm going to make a showcase of all the costumes I had with a picture of who I was disguised as. 

~   Cheshire Kitty - A rebel from Ever After High  ~ 

~ Clawdeen Wolf  from Monster High ~ 

~ Hermione Granger from the 'Harry Potter' movies ~ 

~ Alya from the 'Miraculous Ladybug' series ~ 

Yeah, I know I had a LOT of costume changes - and none of these were easy to pull off! 

There were other great fairies and sparrow men out there too - I even saw a pretty Belle from 'Beauty and The Beast' ( Violet )!
Also, I spotted a Harry Potter fairy - Harmony Magicheart who actually changed my mind and thus Hermione Pixie was born. 

The reason why I became Alya later was my other best friend Shinymist aka Harmony Songera. She had disguised herself as Marinette from 'Miraculous Ladybug' so as her best friend I decided to be Alya - Marinette's best friend in the series. 

Cheshire Kitty & Clawdeen Wolf were kinda inspired by the shows themselves. I love both shows and I decided to dress up as a character from each of them. 

So, now for the grand finale of this post - a video of the whole atmosphere in the Ballroom on night one of the party. 

( you can also look up TheMix on Youtube to watch this and a few other FairyABC - related videos I have! - Thanks if you do that :3 ) 

So, that's about it for this one, folks! 

Hope you liked everything that you saw - and comment below to guess the others' disguises in the video above - and also .....  For reading this you've earned yourself not only a break but also a spooktakular reward!! 

Wait - break sound - what?! 

Yes, that's right. Every single reader of this and the previous post can take this reward as a token of the spirit of Halloween. This means that you've visited my blog on Halloween 2016 and read my Halloween - related posts. 

        ~  The 2016 Halloween Treats Badge  ~ 

                 ( All you need to do to claim this badge is read the two Halloween - related posts! ) 

* Note: To prove you've read the posts you need to like them. That's how I'll know you've either read them or at least took a look at them. 

And so, this post ends.

Until next time,

See ya round the waterfalls!

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