Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pixie Hollow Memories :(

Hi there ! Sorry for not being active for a little while .. It's all because of the unbelievable happenings these past few weeks . Most important of all is that there is an announcement saying Pixie Hollow is going to close on September 19th 2013. Yes , that's right and not just the Hollow but the rest of the games too : Pirates of Carribian and Toon Town are also going to close , because as Disney claims they have more important stuff to do. Well, we Pixie Hollow fans stand firm when we say we are against this decision , and nothing can change our minds , not even the free diamonds and memberships we have now until the closing date. It's true, every Fairy and Sparrow Man now is a free member of the Hollow and can get as many diamonds as he/she wants . Also all the stuff is back including home items and gowns from the previous seasons and events and of course the camp gear is still around . But it still doesn't cheer me up , in fact it makes me even more sad because in a week and a half all of it will be gone. I've even heard of some ideas for us the kids to create our own game where everything will be for free. I'd sure love that ! And so will everybody else ! But for now enjoy these photos I call - Moments in the Hollow !