Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi pixies, it's Juniper!

Long time no chat huh? Well, today that's not the case.

We all know what day it is today is that right?

For my country it's Wine Day -  but it's also as it is for the rest of the planet - the day of love, where it doesn't wear a color, a gender, a race or a religion it just simply is ready to be spread to any living soul out there - even your pets! Yes, that's right it's Valentine's Day.

~ inserts Valentine's Day card meme here ~

And yes, while I was surfing the Internet - as per usual I found all sorts of weird things....But this one had to top it all up like a cherry on a cake. (*≧▽≦)

So, today I was flying around the Hollow and while I made outfits for everyone for Valentine's Day I also happened to notice some pretty good ones from other fairies as well. That being said, I decided to share these unique looks I came across with you all today on special post.

~ inserts yet another ridiculous Valentine's Day meme bc why not ~

Okay, so here they are - each of the respective fairies reserves the credit for their creations. I'm simply sharing because they were too good to keep to myself.

Well, those are the fairies I flew by today ..... Hope you like their unique looks! Anyways, onward
we go - this post isn't over yet!

~ inserts yet another ridiculous sorta ( not entirely )  V-day meme ~ 

- for the record I'm still laughing at this one - 

And now, my own two outfits. I was originally in one, but a minor update happened with a few new outfit pieces so I made another one real fast .

Here they are: 

The second one's top is one of the new things. There's also two or three new bottoms, two more tops a few new head pieces and two new shoe types. Also, the Rapunzel braid is back at the salon aka Schelly's Shears! 

~ another meme ( not saying V-day one bc idek if it's gonna be of that kind ) ~ 

- for the record I did not see this coming, also click to read it better -

Well, that's it from my Valentine's Day post pixies - I hope you liked it because I sure loved making it
for you all!

For a nice ending to it, since as you noticed I kinda got carried away with the Miraculous Ladybug memes I decided to show you this ɾ ⚈▿⚈ɹ :


- again click to see this better -

This is the response Valentine card to Marinette from Adrien - even though he thought it was actually
from Ladybug ( which it was in a way - it's a mess k?) .....Anyhow, that's his response.

And now, I'm leaving you here and wishing you yet again an amazing day whether you're spending it
with a friend, a 'more than a friend', alone or even with your pet fish.....Remember love is love in all shapes and sizes for and towards every living being.

Till next time - Juniper bugs out!

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