Friday, April 11, 2014

Hollow Daily ! - A new idea !

Hey there Pixie Pals ! I was just sitting around , when a great idea hit me. But, there aren't many of you who read my blog , so I really don't know If I should do it ? Remember how there are pixies that are with talents other than water,light,garden,tinker,animal,fast flying etc. ? Yep, I'm talking about the cooking master Dulcie Remember how you could make silly sweets with her ? Well I want to reopen Dulcie's Kitchen! There you guys will find all kinds of sweet things to eat recommended by me and Dulcie of course. Well , tell me what you think , once I'm done with it Dulcie herself will be added as a special editor to her own page and also I am going to do new signatures for my sign offs . So fly back in later to check out all the new things in this magical place full of Pixie Hollow memories !

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