Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hollow Daily ! - A brand new idea from your friend !

Hi there Pixies ! Now I know you've been down for a while since Pixie Hollow closed but there are lots of other games you can try out so cheer up ! Anyhow I came back here today to announce that I got a brilliant new idea : Pixie Closet Quiz ! Yeah , that's right , okay so this is gonna be really simple . I will try to post pictures every now and then and your job my dear readers is to tell me what the names of the outfit pieces are ( were ) for example : Jay Blue Maple Mini Skirt . Got that ? That's how your answer should look like. And whoever gets the right answers will win something . Yep, there are prizes - Christmas themed, or whatever I think you might like so no prize requests okay ? They're a surprize :) I will find a way to make a place where you can check your prizes okay ? Good , then let the first round of Pixie Closet begin !

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